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How To Type Copyright Symbol On Keyboard

The copyright symbol () is a unique character that photographers and other content creators frequently employ. While the usage of the copyright symbol isn’t required by law, it is instantly recognizable and provides credibility to intellectual property, thus learning how to type the copyright sign on Windows and Mac might be useful.

Some of the most commonly used symbols, particularly on legal papers, are Copyright, Registration, and Trademark. The copyright mark can also be found in practically every website’s footer area. Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the copyright mark in documents on cell phones, Windows, or Mac. As a result, we’ll show you how to insert the copyright mark in Windows and Mac, as well as on mobile devices. Copyright can be inserted using these shortcuts in Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as MacBook documents such as Pages, Keynotes, and Number.

When it comes to copyright and other intellectual property marks like trademarks and registration signs, many people are perplexed. Here’s a definition of the copyright sign so you can make sure you’re using it correctly.

Copyright is a symbol used on copyright notifications to show who owns the material in its original form. It denotes that the material on a website belongs to the author and that duplication in any form is not permitted without the owner’s consent.

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How To Type Copyright Symbol On Keyboard

This article explains how to type or insert the copyright symbol in Microsoft Word or Excel, regardless of whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows keyboard.
Let’s get started without further ado.
For Mac, press the Option + G shortcut to type the Copyright Symbol wherever (such as in Word or Excel). If you’re using Windows, hold down the alt key and use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard to write 0169. In Microsoft Word, you can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C.
The table below contains all of the information you’ll need to enter this symbol on a Windows or Mac computer.
If you’re not satisfied with this quick solution, keep reading because I’ll show you how to place the Copyright symbol (or any other symbol) anywhere on your Mac or Windows PC, including MS Word and Excel.
As you may already be aware, the keyboard has various symbols available as second keys. You may easily include such symbols into your work by tapping a few keys at the same time. The @ symbol, for example, can be obtained by pressing Shift + 2 keys.
Other symbols, on the other hand, are not printed as second keys on the keyboard. This makes typing tough. The Copyright symbol (or Copyright C sign) is one of these symbols.
If you need to integrate some of these symbols into his work on a regular basis, typing becomes really difficult.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, though. This is especially true now that you’re reading this article.

Insert Copyright symbol In Word/Excel

I’ll teach you how to easily insert the sign () anywhere on your Windows or Mac PC in this article (such as Word or Excel or PowerPoint).
In a few minutes, I’ll walk you through many methods for getting this () and any other symbol you might require.
Let’s get started without further ado.

Method 1: Copyright Symbol Shortcuts (Windows and Mac)

Option + G is the Mac shortcut for the Copyright Symbol.
There are various shortcuts in Windows, some of which are only useful in Microsoft Word.
However, the alt code shortcut for the Copyright Symbol in Windows that works across all programs is Alt+0169 (will be discussed in the next section).
Ctrl + Alt + C is the shortcut for the Copyright Symbol in Microsoft Word.
Only Microsoft Word is compatible with this shortcut.
The following is a step-by-step guide on using the copyright sign shortcut on a Mac:

  • To begin, position the insertion pointer where you want the symbol to appear.
  • Press Option + G on the Mac keyboard at the same time.
  • On your Mac PC, this shortcut should automatically insert the symbol.

Follow these steps to use the copyright symbol shortcut on Windows (for Microsoft Word):

  • Place the insertion pointer in the appropriate location.
  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + C keyboard shortcut on your Windows keyboard.
  • The copyright c symbol will be inserted where you place the insertion pointer with this shortcut.
  • In the next section, I’ll show you how to type the sign on your keyboard using the Copyright Alt Code.

Method 2: Copyright C Symbol Alt Code (Windows)

The Alt Code for the Copyright () Symbol is 0169.
Every symbol in Word has its own code, which you may use to put into your document. This code is known as the “Alt code.”
The methods for typing this symbol on your keyboard (using the Alt code provided above) are as follows:

  • To use the numeric keypad, press the num lock key. On laptops without a numeric keypad, press Fn + NumLock to activate Num Lock.
  • Using the numeric keypad, press and hold one of the Alt keys while typing the alt code (0169).
  • Release the [Alt] key after typing the Alt code.

Method 3: Copy And Paste The Copyright Symbol

Copy and paste the copyright symbol for your work using the button below. Copy and paste is my go-to approach for inserting symbols I don’t know how to type.
All you have to do using this method is google the symbol you need to type, then copy it from one of the search results. Once you’ve copied and pasted the symbol into your page, you may always recopy and paste it as needed.
To copy this symbol to your clipboard, click the button above.
On Windows, there is another way to copy this and any other symbol. It necessitated the use of the Windows Character Map.
To use the character map to copy and paste any symbol, follow the steps below.
By pressing the Start button, look for the Character map app.
In the search results, you’ll find the Character Map app. To get started, simply click on it.

Method 4: Using Insert Symbol Dialog

This method is more complicated than the shortcut methods. It is, however, very straightforward. And once you’ve copied and pasted the symbol into your page, you can always copy and paste it again as needed.
The procedures for using the insert symbol dialogue to insert the Copyright symbol in Word are listed below. Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu. The Symbol dialogue box will appear after a few clicks.
Find the Symbol you want to use and click it. Look in the upper right corner of the Symbols window and select Latin-1Supplement from the Subset: drop-down list to quickly locate the Copyright sign. This category of symbols has the Copyright symbol you intend to use, and it should display. After selecting the symbol, click the Insert button. Alternatively, you can put the symbol into your document by double-clicking on it.
Close the window with a click. Using the insert symbol dialogue in Word, this is how you may insert a Copyright symbol.

Method 5: Word’s AutoCorrect For the Copyright Sign

You can also use Word’s AutoCorrect feature to type the Copyright Symbol. It’s a tool in Microsoft Word that corrects spelling problems like this. You can apply a shortcode to the Copyright symbol using this AutoCorrect Feature (such as CRT). This way, whenever you type the text CRT, Word will assume that you meant to type it and will immediately convert it to the Copyright symbol. What’s cool about this method is that you can give the symbol its own shortcut or shortcode, and Word will gladly insert the symbol whenever you write the code. Without further ado, here are the methods for utilizing AutoCorrect to type the Copyright symbol in Word. Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu. As an example, consider the following.

How To Make The Copyright Symbol

The copyright logo/symbol can be created using the numerical keypad on a Windows PC. The copyright symbol’s Alt code keyboard shortcut is Alt+0169; press and holds the Alt key while typing 0169.

Insert Copyright Symbol on Mac Document
If you’re using Microsoft Office 365 or Apple iWork, the documents will behave differently. Unfortunately, shortcuts that function on Mac documents such as Pages do not work on Office 365 products such as Word.

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