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Best Cross Platform Games In 2021

With video game businesses constantly innovating to differentiate themselves in an oversaturated industry, there are a number of elements that gamers have expressed a preference for. One feature that stands out among them is cross-platform play, which is becoming increasingly popular as more and more games incorporate it. Due to the increase in the number of games that include it, the subject of which games provide the finest experience continues to linger in the background.

If you’ve ever wondered how to answer this question, keep reading because this article provides a quick explanation of the 30 games that have the finest cross-platform play feature to answer it.

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Fortnite is currently one of the most widely available video games on the market. The fact that the game can be played on a variety of platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android, has contributed significantly to the game’s current level of popularity.

With more than 350 million registered members worldwide, Epic’s battle royale behemoth continues to reign supreme when it comes to the best multiplayer shooters on the market today. As a game that is more focused on entertainment than reality, it never gets old because of the constant events and crossovers that take place throughout the game.

Master Chief Collection (Halo: The Master Chief Collection)

This game is only available for crossplay on the PlayStation 4 and the PC, and despite the fact that it may not appear to be much, it provides the players with hours and hours of entertainment.

You will get the opportunity to play one of the most comprehensive cross-platform packages available, not in terms of platforms, but in terms of numbers! Halo MCC is included in the Best Good Crossplay Games 2021 list because it lets Xbox players play with PC users in up to 8 group party matchmaking online sessions. It is possible to play Halo MCC in 120 frames per second and in 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X|S when you have an 8-player party.

By The Time The Sun Comes Up, You’re Dead.

Dead by Daylight is accessible for cross-platform play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, making it available on a plethora of platforms.

Consider the scenario of playing a round of Among Us while also participating in Phasmophobia. The upshot of their combination is the film Dead by Daylight. The newly popularised horror genre provides for an incredible experience, as does the film’s setting. Horror games are never boring, and the best ones will have you jumping out of your seat with fear and excitement. Lucky for us, Dead by Daylight is one of the titles in this category.

In this multiplayer horror game, there are four Survivors and one Killer to contend with. Your session will have a Killer, and one of the participants will be assigned to that position. There are no other options for survival than to outwit and outpower the killer, power up the generators, and try a daring escape.

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No Man’s Sky Is A Sci-Fi Adventure Game.

There are a large number of people to pick from because No Man’s Sky is available for cross-platform play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The game is based on one of the most intriguing concepts now available, which is the exploration of space.

While you may not be able to accomplish this in real life at the moment, the game gives you the opportunity to do it online. This simulation is a gem, thanks to its gorgeous graphics and detailed environment development. No Man’s Sky, sometimes known as a sandbox game, is the most straightforward of any of the games on our list in terms of its gameplay mechanics. It’s as simple as traveling to different planets and accomplishing objectives on each one, as the saying goes.

Rocket League Is A Video Game Developed By Electronic Arts.

Rocket League is accessible for cross-platform play on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4, allowing for a larger player pool and more engaging gameplay. Due to the fact that it is compatible with four various platforms, it is also one of the best cross-platform games you can play with your friends.

The premise of this game is straightforward: imagine soccer, but with rocket-powered autos instead of players on the field.

Increasing the stakes of soccer games and giving vehicle games a new lease on life is something Rocket League knows how to do well, and it is doing it with style. Forming a team with your friends and competing against strangers online are both options. If you’re looking for a quick party game, you can even play with yourself.

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Minecraft is available for cross-platform play on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, making it incredibly accessible to users of various backgrounds. Despite the fact that it is no longer available on a few popular platforms, Minecraft is still a household name and a classic among many players.

It appeals to a wide range of gamers because it allows you to explore the world while building structures, playing with your friends, and even killing zombies and other monsters in the process.

Minecraft is a popular video game among children because it encourages them to be imaginative and resourceful. The game is so entertaining that children may continue to enjoy it far into their early adulthood. Games like Tekken, for example, elicit a similar sensation.

Ark: Survival Evolved Is A First-Person Shooter Video Game.

Ark Survival Evolved is a survival game that can be played on both Xbox One and PC. Suddenly, you find yourself stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, where you find yourself in a world filled with enormous primitive insects, plants, and animals. In order to survive, you and your friends must gain control of this prehistoric island and make it your own.

Ark Survival Evolved gives you exactly what you see on the screen. The principle of survival of the fittest governs the game. However, like with anything else, having a team to support you boosts your chances of winning the competition.

The Sea Of Thieves Is A Pirate Ship That Sails Around The Ocean.

When compared to the other games on this list, Sea of Thieves only offers cross-platform play on Xbox One, Windows, and Steam, which is a slight limitation; nevertheless, the game more than makes up for it.

Sea of Thieves is a video game that allows you to live out your pirate fantasies. Sail throughout the world with your friends and discover islands that no one else has ever seen before. Investigate mysteries, gain fortune, and compel people into handing over their gold in this action-packed adventure.

In Sea of Thieves, you take on the role of a pirate in your own right. The manner in which you conduct yourself in the game will have an impact on the reputation and esteem of your pirate. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using to play; take advantage of the open universe and try to conquer it with your friends.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Is A First-Person Shooter Video Game.

Even though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is also available for cross-platform play, Warzone has the advantage because of its larger player base and a broader variety of weapons. Indeed, the latter includes a handful of weapons from the Cold War era, in addition to a few additional characteristics.

On the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, crossplay is as simple as creating an Activision account and sharing the ID with friends who are playing on other platforms. When it comes to realistic first-person shooters that are also cross-platform compatible, there aren’t many better options available.

The Game Paladins Is A Free, Cross-Platform Game.

Paladins is a free game that can be played on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. This free online shooter allows you to choose between two opposed groups of characters: the magistrates and the paladins. For a team to win a game, it is essential that they stay in constant communication with one another.

In addition to team deathmatch, ranking, assault (in which teams battle for points throughout a map), and the main game style, siege, you will have access to all of your favorite game types. More competitive gamers will be satisfied by these amazing gameplay possibilities, as well as by the unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy that has been incorporated into the game.

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