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How To Type Diameter Symbol In Word

Use the Diameter Sign Metal Hand Stamp to mark components or metal labels with a technical symbol. The diameter symbol stamp, defined in Unicode as U+2300, can also be used as a vowel in Scandinavian languages.

A hammer is all that’s needed to mark your component with a diameter pattern by just striking the stamp. Character heights are available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

Produced in the UK from high-quality tool steel utilizing a sophisticated cold-forming technique. Specialist heat treatment ensures user safety and product durability.

For example, the addition sign (+) is not found on the keyboard, and neither is the subtraction symbol -, nor is equal to a symbol =, nor is less than, nor greater than >. Using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, this article will show you how to enter or insert the diameter sign (). You may type Diameter Symbol () in MS Applications in a variety of ways (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). As an example, let’s look at Microsoft Word.

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How To Type Diameter Symbol (Ø) In Microsoft Word?

Diameter Symbol () can be typed or inserted in MS Word in a variety of ways.0216 is the alt key and the alt code.

  • How to make use of the character map
  • Incorporating the Insert Symbol ToolBy
  • Utilizing a keystroke shortcut

Using Alt Key And Alt Code 0216

For the diameter symbol () in MS Word, please follow these steps:

  • Numlock should be switched on if it’s not already.
  • When you’re done holding down the Alt key, type 0216 on the number keypad to your right on the keyboard.
  • Remove your index finger from the Alt key and press the spacebar.
  •  Right away, as you take your finger off the Alt key, you’ll see the diameter sign appear.

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Using The Character Map

Use this approach when your computer doesn’t have a numeric keypad on it. In the search box, enter “Character Map.”
To open it, click on it. The photos below will help you understand.
You may now insert the diameter symbol by following the procedures shown below:

  • Click on the diameter system link to learn more.
  •  Characters to copy will display immediately as soon as you click on them.
  • Activate the Select for Copy button by clicking on it.
  • Right-click on your document and select Paste, or press the Ctrl key and V simultaneously on your keyboard to paste.

Using Insert Symbol Box

Like the character map approach, this method is also quite easy. This is how you put a diameter symbol into a word file:

  • Click on the Insert menu button to bring up the Insert Menu.
  • Seen it in the upper right-hand corner? When you come across the word Symbol, click on the arrow next to it and then click on the More symbol to expand it.
  • Choose “Normal text” as your kind of font, then click on the symbol you’re searching for, making sure to choose ASCII (Decimal), as seen in the screenshot above. When you’re finished, click the Insert button to begin.
  • A shortcut key (Ctrl+/, Shift + O) may also be seen above. 
  • In the following section of this essay, we’ll talk about the next approach.

Using Keyboard Shortcut

To type or insert diameter symbols in MS Word, use this approach. Just two quick steps.
Follow these two steps one after the other, starting with the first:

  • Press the Ctrl key and the / key at the same time to activate the shortcut. Use Ctrl + / instead. Until you have completed the two steps, nothing will appear on your computer screen.
  • To do this, hold down the Ctrl key and the letter O simultaneously. Ctrl + O, for example. The diameter symbol will display as soon as you finish the second step.

On the Symbol dialogue box in MS Word, there is a button (AutoCorrect) that may be used to correct spelling mistakes. The diameter symbol may be short-coded using this button.

Rules For Using The Diameter Alt Code

  • ut you must hold down the Alt key as you type the Alt code
  • In order to enter the alt code, you must utilize the numeric keypad that is located to your right on the keyboard.
  • NumLock must be switched on since you are using the numeric keypad. A NumLock disables the numeric keypad, which implies that no numbers may be typed using the numeric keypad.
  • For laptops without numeric keypads, switch on the hidden numeric keypad before using it. It is usually activated by hitting the Fan+NmLk buttons simultaneously on most computers. There are certain laptops that don’t include the numeric keypad. In such a case, you’ll have to utilize an external keyboard with a numeric keypad to input the Diameter symbol using the alt code technique.
  • Depending on the content you are working on, not all symbols can be written using the alt code. Some of the alt codes only function in Microsoft Word, while others do not. This alt code works in any Windows application, including text editors, web browsers, and forms.

Diameter Alt Code For Mac

To type on a Mac, follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, position your insertion cursor where you need the Diameter symbol to be shown on the page.
  • If you’re using a Mac keyboard, hit Option + Shift + O simultaneously.
  • These keystrokes will result in the symbol appearing on the screen.
  • Typing symbols with alt codes is a common practice on the Windows operating system.
  • Using alt codes on Windows differs significantly from using them on Mac. Most people even believe that using alt code shortcuts in Mac is impossible.

There are also two alt keys on a normal Apple keyboard, which you may already be aware of. With a tiny “alt” label next to the name, they are called Options, or Some of the newer Apple keyboards, such as the Magic Keyboard, do not include the “alt” label. If you’re using a non-Mac program, you may utilize the Option key as an Alt key.

This means that when typing the Diameter alt code on your Mac keyboard, you may hold the Option key down.

Thank you, but no. However, this is not the case when using Mac.

Apple has its own set of rules. In order to make shortcuts easier to memorize, they merged the Alt and Option keys with several additional keys.

The Diameter Alt code for Mac is Option + Shift + O, which you may already know.

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