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Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative In 2021

As of late, GeoGuessr has become a subscription service, leading some users to seek alternatives. Check out the list of games like Geoguessr here.

GeoGuessr is one of the most talked-about games right now. Geographically-themed adventure game GeoGuesser takes players all across the world on a geology-themed journey. The participants will be tested on their ability to comprehend their surroundings throughout this expedition. The game was available for free for the users, but now it has become a paid application. Many users are looking for GeoGuessr Alternatives now.

What Is GeoGuesser?

Google Street View will be used to evaluate the players’ ability to identify their surroundings all across the globe, as previously stated. Players may try out a variety of game types in this title. Battle Royale, The Daily Challenge, Country Streak, and Explorer Mode are some of the available game types. Here’s all you need to know about the multiple GeoGuesser game modes:

  • Battle Royale: This mode pits players against one other in an online battle to the death. The players may be chosen at random or a room can be created just for them. Before the time of their lives run out, players must discover out where they are. Each player will be eliminated one at a time until only one is left.
  • Players will be given a unique task to accomplish each day in order to gain special prizes in the game. Daily Challenge: This game mode can only be accessed once per day.
  • Country Streak: You may play this game mode against a computer opponent or a buddy in challenge mode. Here, players must correctly estimate as many nations as possible in a row. The game will be won by the player who accumulates the highest score.
  • Explorer Mode: In this mode, players may choose a nation from a list on the screen that appears. In single-player mode, they must work hard to identify locations around the nation and win medals. In this game mode, they may keep tabs on their general progress as well as tour every location and receive a gold medal for each one.

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Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative

1: City Guesser

City Guesser, a browser game similar to GeoGuessr but using video instead of the Google Maps API, is maybe the finest free option. It’s also totally free. Full-screen footage of a random place anywhere in the globe is shown by the game. You’ll be able to see the map after you click the ‘Start Guessing’ button at the bottom. Hit the green ‘Estimate’ button in the lower-right corner to see how close your guess is. Additionally, you may play against your buddies in a multiplayer mode. Create a private room or join an existing public room to get started.

When playing City Guesser, you have the option of selecting a nation, continent, or area from across the globe. The United States, Japan, France, Russia, and India are just a few of the countries that you may choose from. Besides major cities, busy places, coastal cities, capital cities, snowy landscapes, and other such categories are included in City Guesser maps.

While some films may provide you hints as to where you are (such as license plates on cars), other videos will need more effort on your part. Despite the fact that it isn’t as difficult as GeoGuessr, this is the finest free game on our list since it is so much fun.

2: PlayGeography

PlayGeography, like GeoGuessr, is named as such since it’s a geography quiz game. TeachMe, a company that creates educational games and applications for families, created the game. Even while it’s an excellent game for learning about geography, it lacks 3D maps and movies like City Guesser, unlike GeoGuessr. On the other hand, you’ll be provided with 2D maps on which you must make educated guesses about things like city names or states or countries or flags. It’s more like a map quiz’ game, but a really engaging one. PlayGeography, on the other hand, is completely free to use and has no daily use limitations.

There are five game modes in PlayGeography: nation, location, flags, capitals, and states/provinces. Each game has a variety of difficulty settings, including easy, medium, and hard. Answering your question as quickly as possible adds more points to your score in each round.

If you want to learn more about the planet while having fun, PlayGeography is a great alternative to GeoGuessr. The questions are more numerous and you don’t have to form an account or log in to use it. We give it a huge thumbs up since it’s a great way to spend time with your family and friends while still being healthy.

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3: Geotastic

GeoGuessr’s best free alternative is Geotastic, which is crowdfunded. Play with your friends and family in a fun, free, multi-player geography quiz game. Choose from a variety of Game options including the ability to see random street views or iconic sites, as well as the ability to identify the country’s flag. With the nation-guessing option enabled, you must guess the proper country using tips and indications provided to you during the game.

It’s free to play Geotastic, but you’ll need a Geotastic account to log in and get started playing the game. In the single-player mode, players have the option of creating a local game or joining a multiplayer lobby online. Only the person who establishes the online lobby is required to have an account in the latter case.

As far as GeoGuessr alternatives go, Geotastic is up there with the best of them. You may play it as often as you like for free, and there are a variety of settings and challenges to keep you entertained. In general, Geotactic is quite similar to GeoGuessr, however, it is free and does not have any limitations whatsoever. As long as you don’t mind the fact that it’s donation-ware, you may play it for free. There are just 88 nations to choose from in the difficulty level, but that’s more than enough for the vast majority of gamers.

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4: GetLost

Instead of a multiplayer option, GetLost is a single-player experience. There is a lot of single-player activity to enjoy, and players will recognize cities via street signs, building names, and other identifying features in the game. North America and India seem to be the primary emphasis of this game despite its global reach. Because of the dearth of street signs, it was difficult for me to locate most of the places I visited in India. The ones in the United States, on the other hand, were simpler, particularly in the cities.

For genuine geographers, GetLost provides both free playtime and premium payment options. Free accounts can only play for five rounds in a day, therefore you’ll have to pay to play all day long. There are no constraints on the number of rounds you may play with the free version, so it’s still better than GeoGuessr.

5: Seterra

Users of rare languages will find Seterra to be a great free GeoGuessr option in 2021. You may test your knowledge about nations, capital cities, flags and rivers, and lakes by taking part in some entertaining quizzes. There are a total of nine game modes to keep things interesting. The ‘voice’ component of Seterra Online aids in learning the right pronunciation of country, city, and place names. In all, the game includes over 400 maps in over 40 different languages, many of which are rather obscure.

Seterra is available as a PC online app and as an Android and iOS mobile app. The maps in all quizzes may be customized to solely include the places you’re most interested in. The United States, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the World are among the areas you may choose from when ordering from this site. Custom quizzes may also be shared with others, such as family members or classmates. You may also discover more about the human body by taking the ‘Anatomy and Science’ quiz on Seterra, one of the greatest trivia and quiz games.

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