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How To Type Exponents On Windows

Exponents are commonly used in mathematical formulations that elevate a number to a higher power. This is commonly used in compound interest computations in the business world. You may have observed that you can’t type an exponent straight on the keyboard. We’ll show you how to type an exponent on Windows 10 in this newest part of our troubleshooting series.

Exponents are special characters that elevate numbers to particular powers in mathematical formulae. Exponents are employed in a wide range of situations, not simply in students’ Math textbooks; they also have practical applications. Exponents are often employed in compound interest computations and can be found in many business papers. Furthermore, exponents are frequently used by software developers, engineers, and scientists in their work. Given this, there is an obvious requirement to be able to type exponents on computers, which is why it is entirely possible.

Using the superscript tool incorporated into almost all word processing products is the simplest and most effective way to enter an exponent on a computer (Microsoft Word, for example). Simpler text editing software, on the other hand, does not include superscript capability.

How To Type An Exponent On Windows 10

Using The Superscript Feature Of Word

Microsoft Word has finally been launched.
Type the text or expression that contains the exponent.
Click the Superscript button in the Font section of the Home tab of Microsoft Word’s toolbar before inputting the exponent to utilize the Superscript function. When you use the Superscript feature, everything you input on the relevant line is typed at a higher level and in a much smaller font than the rest of the text, giving it the look of an exponent.
Type the exponent with the Superscript option enabled.
After you’ve filled in the exponent, click the Superscript button in the Font section of the Home tab of Microsoft Word’s toolbar once more to turn it off. When you disable Superscript, the text you type after the exponent will have the same font size and level as the rest of the text.
This is the default way to type an exponent in Windows 10.

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Type The Exponent By Hand.

Place your mouse pointer on the screen where you want to type the exponent.
Press Shift + 6 to type the caret sign (). You can also type two asterisks (*) by hitting Shift + 8 twice. Both options meet the requirements; wherever one of these appears, the number immediately after it is presumed to be an exponent of the text preceding the symbol (s).
Type the exponent right after the symbol (s).
There are two ways to type an exponent in Windows 10.

Using The Alt Code For The Exponent Symbol (Windows Only)

Despite the lack of dedicated keys on the keyboard, you can still use the Alt code method to enter these Symbols. To do so, press and hold the Alt key while entering the Exponent Alt code on the numeric keypad (i.e. 0178 for 2).

Use the Superscript shortcut table above to type any exponent on your keyboard.

This method can only be used on Windows. On your keyboard, you’ll also need a numeric keypad.

The steps to type the Exponent Sign on your Windows PC are as follows:

Where the Exponent Symbol text is necessary, place your insertion pointer.

Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard.

While holding down the Alt key, enter the Exponent Symbol’s alt code (0178 for 2) You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code.

If you’re using a laptop without a numeric keypad, this solution might not work. By pressing Fn+NmLk on the keyboard, you can access a hidden numeric keypad on some laptops.

Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code to insert the Symbol into your page.

This is how you can type this symbol in Word using the Alt Code method.

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Using The Exponent Symbol Shortcut (Mac And Windows)

You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. Make sure your Num Lock key is also activated.
The following is a breakdown of the Exponent Symbol shortcut for Mac
Place the insertion cursor where the symbol has to be entered first.
Press Option + 00B2 on your keyboard at the same time to enter the symbol.

The following is a breakdown of the

Exponent Symbol Shortcut For Windows:

Place the insertion pointer in the desired location.
Keep pressing and holding the Alt key.
Type 0178 on the numeric keypad while holding down the Alt key to insert the symbol.
Following these steps will allow you to type this symbol in Word or Excel.

Superscripts Can Be Copied And Pasted.

Copy and paste is another simple way to access the Exponent Symbols on any PC, and it’s my preferred method.
All you have to do is copy the symbol from anywhere (for instance, a web page or the Windows character map) and paste it where you need it (for example, in Word or Excel).
By clicking on the symbol below, you may copy and paste it into your Word document. Simply select it and use Ctrl+C to copy it, then open Microsoft Word, place your insertion pointer where you want it, and paste it with Ctrl+V.
You can also simply click the copy button at the top of the page.
For Windows users, follow the instructions below to copy and paste the Exponent Symbol using the character map dialogue box.
By pressing the Start button, you can look for a Character Map. To open the Character Map app, go to the search results and click on it.
In the advanced view, type Superscript in the Search field.
In the character map dialogue, the Exponent Symbols should now appear. Double-click it to select it. Press the Select key as an alternative.
The symbol should appear in the Character to copy: section after you’ve double-clicked it, and you can copy it by clicking the Copy button.
Open your Microsoft Word or Excel document, place the insertion pointer where you want it, then press Ctrl+V to paste.
This is how you may copy and paste any symbol on a Windows PC using the Character Map dialogue.

Using Insert Symbol Dialog Box (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

With a few mouse clicks, you can rapidly insert any symbol into your Word document from the insert symbol dialogue box’s symbol library. Follow the instructions below to insert this symbol (2) using the insert symbol dialogue box in Word or Excel.
Make a new document in Word. Click and drag the insertion pointer to the correct spot to insert the symbol.
From the drop-down menu, choose the Insert tab.
In the Symbols category, select the More Symbols button from the Symbol drop-down box.
The symbol will appear as a chatbox.
To rapidly locate the Exponent sign, type 00B2 in the character code area at the bottom of the window. After typing this character code, the Exponent symbol will appear chosen.
Click the Insert button to insert the symbol into your document.
Bring the conversation to a close.
The symbol will be inserted in the exact location where the insertion pointer was positioned.
These are the methods for inserting this Symbol in Word.

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