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How To Insert Infinity Symbol Text In Word

A line that never ends is represented by the infinity symbol (). In the mid-1650s, Wallis was the first to employ the customary sign for infinity. He also coined the term 1/ for an infinitesimal, which is too small to be measured. In his book Treatise on the Conic Sections, published in 1655, Wallis discussed this and many other aspects of infinite. The infinity sign resembles a horizontal form of the number 8, and it represents eternity, endlessness, and limitlessness. However, some scientists believe John Wallis drew inspiration for the infinite symbol from the Greek letter.

Overall, the infinity symbol has three principal applications:

  • mathematical formulas
  • the real world
  • metaphysical considerations

How To Insert Infinity Symbol Text In Word

  • The two simple steps of inserting this symbol in Word are listed below.
  • Click the Symbol button on the Insert tab and select More Symbols…
  • The Symbol dialogue box will appear after a few clicks. It’s now time to find the symbol you want to use.
  • In the symbol’s library, scroll down or up until you find the Infinity Symbol Text.
  • Select it, then press the Insert button.
  • You may also insert the symbol into your document by double-clicking on it.
  • Close the symbol dialogue after inputting the symbol.

You may quickly place this symbol () anywhere on your PC or Laptop, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, using the Alt Code method for Windows and the Shortcut way for Mac.

Please see the remaining sections below for alternative methods to type this symbol in Word or Excel.

In Word, there are two simple ways to put this symbol. One way was to use the Alt X method, which is similar to the Alt Code method. The alternative option involves inserting the symbol with the mouse. Excel and PowerPoint can also benefit from the mouse-based approach.

If you can’t find the symbol, look in the Symbol dialogue box’s bottom right corner and select Unicode (hex) from the source: drop-down. Then, in the Subset: drop-down, pick Mathematical Operators from the top right corner of the dialogue.

This will eliminate all mathematical symbols, including the infinity Symbol Text you seek.

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Option 1: Alt X (For Word Only)

221E is the Alt X Code for the infinity sign. To use this code to type this symbol () in Word, type the code where the symbol is needed, select the code, and hit Alt+X on the keyboard.

When you hit the Alt+X hotkeys, the selected code is instantly converted to the symbol.

This strategy is only applicable to Microsoft Word. You can utilize the Alt code method (Alt+236) for Windows and the Shortcut (Option+5) for Mac users to open additional office products like Excel and PowerPoint. You can also take a look at the next option.

Option 2: Insert Dialog

The insert symbol dialogue box was used for this option. This dialogue is a symbol library that contains every symbol you can imagine.

Follow these instructions to use this option:

Follow the steps below to learn how to:

Open your Excel, Word, or PowerPoint file.

To insert the symbol (), click and drag the insertion pointer to the desired location. Select the cell that will hold this symbol in Excel.

Go to your document’s Insert tab.

A dialogue box called Symbol will emerge. Select Mathematical Operators from the Subset drop-down list to see symbols from this category, which contains the Infinity symbol text.

Select the symbol and then press the Insert key. Alternatively, you can double-click it to add it to your document.

Infinity symbol Alt code 

In Word, each character or symbol has a code that may be used to insert that character or symbol into your document. The sign for infinity is no exception.

221E is the Alt code for the Infinity symbol.

The steps to type this symbol on your keyboard using the Alt code are as follows:

Put the insertion pointer where you want the symbol to go.

To convert the code to an infinity sign text, type the Alt code (221E) and then press Alt+X.

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Copy And Paste The symbol

You can copy and paste the Infinity symbol if it already exists in your document, in addition to using the symbol library and alt code. You can also copy it from another source, such as a web page.

If you wish to copy and paste the Infinity symbol into your work, it’s listed below:

Using AutoCorrect To Type Infinity symbol

Another option is to utilize the AutoCorrect tool to get the Infinity symbol Text.
It is a feature that corrects spelling errors such as and to and.
You can assign a code to the Infinity symbol using this functionality (such as IFSYM).

As a result, anytime you write the text IFSYM, Word will assume that you meant to type and will automatically transform it to the Infinity sign.

What makes this solution appealing is that you can give the symbol any code you want, and Word will gladly provide it anytime you write the code.

Without further ado, here are the instructions for inserting the Infinity sign in Word using the AutoCorrect technique.

To open the Symbol dialogue box, go to InsertSymbolsSymbolMore Symbols.

Select the Infinity symbol from the library of symbols by clicking it.

Type IFSYM in the Replace: box (or any AutoCorrect text you want to assign to the Infinity symbol Text)

Make sure the With box has the Infinity symbol. To insert the symbol, hit 221E followed by Alt+X, or copy and paste from a document or webpage.

Then, after clicking Add, click OK.

When you write IFSYM into Word, it will automatically insert the Infinity sign into your page.

When utilising the AutoCorrect Method to insert the Infinity sign, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Case is taken into account while using AutoCorrect. Meaning if you type in sym (in lowercase), Word will not convert it into the Infinity symbol unless you type IN SYM (in uppercase).

If there is any text before IFSYM, Word will consider the code as part of the text and hence will not convert it to the Infinity symbol. For example, XIN SYM will not get converted, but X INFSYM will get converted to X ∞.

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Using The Infinity symbol shortcut For Mac

The shortcut for the Infinity symbol on a Mac is [Option] + [5]. To use this shortcut, hit and hold the [Option] key on your keyboard while typing the number [5].

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