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How Microsoft Word Free Download

To be quite honest, there is no limitless free edition of Microsoft Word, and anybody who claims to be providing you a free copy is either attempting to mislead you or giving you a pirated version of the software.

You may, however, download Microsoft 365 and receive Word for free for the first 30 days. Then you may select whether or not you wish to buy a subscription that covers all of the key Microsoft 365 applications.

I’ll also show you how to obtain a free, restricted version of Microsoft Word that doesn’t need you to download any other software or hardware.

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How To Get Free Microsoft Word (Microsoft 365) Downloads

As soon as you click the Download button in the sidebar, a new page will appear, which has some useful Microsoft 365 FAQs. To begin downloading, click on the Download Now button.

  • To get started, click the Try Free for 1 Month link.
  • To sign up for free, click the Sign Up Free button.

You’ll need to sign in or establish a new free Microsoft account in order to proceed. Please keep in mind that the free trial is only accessible to new clients. This means that any prior subscriptions, even to an earlier version of Office, will prevent you from progressing to the download area. It is possible to get around this by creating a new Microsoft account. Enter a valid email address, create a new password, and confirm the email by entering the verification code you got in your email. It just takes a minute.

Despite the fact that it is a free trial, you will be required to provide your credit card details. To continue to the secure payment page, click the Next button on your browser’s toolbar.

  • Select your preferred form of payment. Credit card or debit card, PayPal, or mobile phone are the payment methods available.
  • Fill out the form with your payment details and hit the Save button.

To subscribe, click on the Subscribe button.

  • After you have verified your membership, click on the Continue option to proceed.
  • When you click on the Download the Desktop Apps option, a new tab will appear with your Microsoft account information.
  • When you click Install Office, the OfficeSetup.EXE file will be downloaded to your computer and installed.

When the download is complete, just open the file and Microsoft will instantly install the full collection of Microsoft 365 applications on your computer without you having to do anything else.

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Find Out How To Get Microsoft Word For Free.

Microsoft does provide a free version of Word (as well as all of their other Microsoft 365 products) that can be used without the need to download any additional software from their website. Despite the fact that it lacks some of the characteristics of the program, it is capable of performing its functions.

Go to Office.com to get started.

Sign in with your Microsoft account or register for a free account to get started.

To get started, click on the Word symbol.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Word

  • Simply follow these three actions if you decide that Word isn’t for you, or if your free month trial period has expired and you want to remove the software.
  • To do this, go to the system settings and choose to Add or Remove Programs from the list.
  • Continue to scroll until you find Microsoft 365.
  • Select UNINSTALL from the drop-down menu.
  • This will completely remove the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. Following the completion of the process, you will need to restart your computer.

A Number Of Other Microsoft 365 Applications

Microsoft 365 has a wide variety of useful applications for desktops and mobile devices. Microsoft 365 is a subscription service. Here are just a handful of the perks you’ll get at no additional cost:

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 Easily one of the most comprehensive spreadsheet applications available, Excel is an absolute must-have for anybody seeking to manage data. Excel will keep you organized whether you’re working on a basic list or monitoring bills for a large multinational corporation, and anything in between. Many different functions, formulae, and pivot tables are available to help you keep track of your data in a straightforward and understandable way.


Presentation software such as PowerPoint has undergone significant advancements over the last few years. Create personal or professional presentations by selecting from hundreds of pre-designed themes or creating your own from scratch. Every slide may have pictures, movies, gifs, clever transitions, and text, all of which can be customized.


More than simply an email client, Outlook is a powerful collaboration tool. In addition to having a calendar that is simple to sync with colleagues, Outlook also includes time management features and the ability to plan when emails should be sent out.

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