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Need for Speed is indeed an electronic art video game series presently being developed by Burnout’s creators, Criterion Games. The series focuses on illegal street racing and usually works to finish different kinds of races while avoiding local police enforcement. In 1994, the series published its debut book, The Need for Speed. On November 6th, 2020, the latest game was published. The series was monitored and played by many leading teams, such as EA Canada, EA Black, Little Mad Studios, and Ghost Games. The company has earned a critical reputation and is among the most popular video game series ever, selling more than 150 million copies. The company has grown to include various kinds of media like film adaptation and licensed Hot Wheels toys because of its high sales. Hit the throttle and rip up the road in this famous sequence of action. Drive your car to its maximum and leave the competition behind you or shrug off the cops on a full scale. 


Distinctive Software is a famous video game company located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, created the Need for Speed series. Before the business was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1991, it produced popular races like Stunts and Road Test II: The Duel. The business was renamed Electronic Arts (EA) Canada after acquisition. By creating a Need for Speed game in late 1992, the business benefited from its expertise in the field. EA Canadian worked to expand and extend the brand until 2002 when a new developer from Vancouver called Black Box Games was purchased by EA to carry on the Need for Speed series: Hot Pursuit 2. 

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NFS Games Listed By Release Date

The following NFS videogames are arranged by their release date:

  • Date of release Need for Speed: 31 August 1994
  • The release date for Speed II: 31 March 1997
  • Speed III Need: Date of release for Hot Pursuit: 25 March 1998
  • Speed Need: Date of release for High Stakes: 1 March 1999
  • Speed requirement: the release date of Porsche Unleashed: 29 February 2000
  • Speed requirement: hot persecution 2 Official release: 2nd October 2002
  • Speed requirement: Underground release date: 17 November 2003
  • Speed Need: Underground 2 Date of release: 15 November 2004
  • Speed Need: Most Release Date: November 15, 2005
  • Speed requirement: the release date of carbon: 31 October 2006

Need For Speed Games Features 

Claim the throne, and control the underworld as you take over in the first white knuckle version of the mobile-only Need for Speed From the developer that gave you Real Racing 3. Build the journey with a number of vehicles and modifications to express your flair. Start among chaos & control as you press the pedal and ride into subway street racing. Compete, get your representative up, and then start more races, further modifications, and new vehicles. Choose but never look back.

5 Need For Speed Games

1 Speed Rivals Need (2013)

Although it’s acceptable to rage on Rivals since they’re naked in the usual cross-generational manner (it comes out on both contemporary and latest-generation consoles), the 20th edition in the series has more respect than it normally receives. Spiritually, Rivals shares a great deal with Criterion’s Hot Pursuit remake three years ago but extends the concept in order to benefit from a genuine open world. In certain games released, the weather effects system contributes much to improve environmental immersion and the management concept is remarkable compared with the subsequent incarnations of Ghost Games. 

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Underground: NFS (2003)

2003’s Underground is the first time a completely fresh path has been adopted in Need for Speed in the following year tactical electronic arts will fall back on frequently whenever the series seems to be in a créative dead end. While the shift of tuner culture at the time was contentious, Underground remains a capable, well-assembled street racer with an exciting modification suite at a period when customization for street racers was a top priority. Ironically, what is held back by a better position in this list is because Metro 2 exists and extended to include everything that was achieved for the first time.

High stakes NFS: (1999)

In High Stakes, maker EA Canada adapted the breakthrough pursuit engineering of the first Hot Pursuit to a fully built-in single-player campaign, which saw players own cars and run roses for the first time in this series. In hindsight, the concept created by NFS was daring, and shrewd considering the Gran Turismo genre launched the previous year. What High Stakes holds back would be that it goes too far in the other regard to limit the pleasure of the series’ characteristic pick up and play. The courses are too dull to warrant their length and the focus on free multi-race championships has been a drag from the beginning.

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NFS: Unleashed Porsche (2000)

It may be difficult to remember today, but once in a while, the only thing you could do for speed was to drive a Porsche, due to an exclusive deal between Electronic Arts as well as the famous German manufacturer, which lasted almost 20 years. Nothing good resulted from it, like most exclusivity agreements, and EA never utilized the license to its full extent – well, except one time. In some areas of the globe, Porsche Unbound, known as Porsche 2000, has a broad roster of the largest production vehicles of the brand (and even some of its racing vehicles), with an effort to map the company’s history. 

Speed II Need (1997)

Typically neglected in the history of the series, Need for Speed II deserts recognizes the unpretentious motive of the first route crossing for a variety of distinct epic courses, each of which is full of crazy moments and real individuality. The vehicle lineup is also the best in the classic period of the organization. Although just 9 vehicles were featured, the supercars that were the most amazing in the late 1990s were inspired by a generation of emerging fans who wanted to follow McLaren F1 & Ferrari F50, as well as anomalies such as the Ford GT90 and the lost Isdera Commendatore 112i. Add to a masterpiece a piece of music by Saki Kaskas & Rom Di Prisco, but it’s simple to understand why For Speed 2 left those that have the privilege of performing it 22 decades previously a lasting impact.

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